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The same product we sell to ice cream vendors. restaurants, schools, convenient stores, and supermarkets are now available to you. You can buy at discounted wholesale prices. Give us a call to determine the best time to visit one of our locations.


All of the treats on the Summer Song menu and Goody Wagons menu are now are now available for purchase by the box. Buy buying full boxes you can expect savings from the suggested retail prices. What a great treat to enjoy at a birthday party,picnic, school event, or even in your freezer at home. Remember, grocery store brands don't compare in size and taste!


We are proud to carry Doreen's Pizza. The same pizza served at Chicagoland neighborhood Taverns, Bowling Alley, Shops and School cafeterias are available to you. The ingredients are all fresh from the vegetables, to the sausage, to the full half pound of 100% cheese. The pizzas are fresh frozen and never precooked. This allows the blending of each ingredient to combine uniformly to create the special Doreen's taste. Pick-up a case of Doreen's Frozen Pizzas for your freezer at home. They will be the best frozen pizzas you have ever eaten.


At certain times of the year(Please call for availability) we have dry ice for sale. If you plan on serving ice cream at a party, or are going camping and need to keep food cold, or whatever your particular use, we have all the dry ice you need.

Please find the nearest location of one of our eight cash and carry stores. You can buy by the case and save.