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This ice cream truck has been a welcome visitor to America's neighborhoods for almost 100 years. The jingle of the bells, the sight of the brightly colored truck, and the sweet anticipation for the tastiest treats in town brings EVERYONE to the street curb to purchase a piece of happiness. Summer Song/Goody Wagons have taken pride in having the best ice cream trucks, highest quality ice cream novelties, and best ice cream drivers in the street vending industry. Making people happy has been our business for over a half century!


Without exception, Summer Song/Goody Wagons have the best looking ice cream trucks on the street today. Each truck is professionally painted so that they can be easily seen and identified from far distances. Our signs, menus, and logos are made from the highest quality vinyl and printed on state of the art printers so that they keep looking their best for years. We also have safety message stickers and contact information on every side of the truck, as well as a flashing safety swing arm to ensure the safety of our customers. Our trucks are simple to drive. Every truck has an automatic transmission, power steering, and an electronic music box system that can easily attract customers to the truck. Our trucks are fuel efficient too. All of our trucks have V6 engines that get optimal gas mileage. While most of our trucks use unleaded gasoline, some of our trucks use alternative fuels for even greater fuel efficiency and clear emissions!


Summer Song/Goody Wagons are Master Distributors of Wells Blue Bunny ice cream novelties. We carry many of the finest quality ice cream products that are NOT found in any store. We have the best selection of items. From Bomb Pop Jr.'s for toddlers to Scoobie Doo and Bratz bars for children to Cookies & Cream Cups or Turtle Sundae Bars for Adults, we carry 40 items to satisfy every taste for every age. We also have the best prices. All of our items cost between $1 and $3.75. With prices this low, a parent can afford to purchase a treat for the entire family, including Mom and Dad!

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Before becoming a vendor, all drivers must first pass a detailed criminal background check, a motor vehicle record check, and complete our Safe Driving program. We want to ensure our customers that they can trust their neighborhood ice cream driver and know that they have an acceptable background.

If you are unemployed, in between jobs, or just need to make some extra money to pay bills, you should consider driving on of our ice cream trucks. There is no experience necessary. All you need is a valid driver's license. We can show you how to do the rest! Full, part-time and weekend slots are available. You choose your own schedule! Do you like to sleep in late? We are perfect for you! We work afternoons and early evenings. We take applications every day between 9am to 2pm. Apply in person. Don't forget to bring your drivers license. We have a short 10 minute video for you to watch that explains what we are all about. Don't be afraid to try out what could be one of the best and most memorable work experiences you'll ever have.

This is an easy, fun and extremely profitable way to spend your summer! After all, what could be more fun than selling ice cream?