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Summer Song/Goody Wagons offer their exceptional products at wholesale prices to volume purchasing customers. Little league concession stands, concession stands in public parks, convenient stores, independent vending trucks, neighborhood taverns, and candy stores are all valued wholesale customers. We can deliver or will give "will call" discounts. In certain situations we can provide equipment. Call our distribution center location nearest to you for exact details.



Summer Song/Goody Wagons are a "Master Distributor" of Wells Blue Bunny ice cream products. Blue Bunny ice cream novelties are recognized nationally as the premier line of ice cream treats. Blue Bunny products leads the industry in imaginative creations, in colorful wrap and quality of the finished treat. Each of our locations stock pallets of these ice cream creations in our frozen warehouses.


We are proud to carry Doreen's Pizza. The same pizza served at Chicagoland neighborhood Taverns, Bowling Alley, Shops and School cafeterias are available to you. The ingredients are all fresh from the vegetables, to the sausage, to the full half pound of 100% cheese. The pizzas are fresh frozen and never precooked. This allows the blending of each ingredient to combine uniformly to create the special Doreen's taste.


Dry ice (Call for availability) can keep contents in a cooler cold for hours. Bring your cooler the next time you plan a fishing trip or a picnic. Summer Song/Goody Wagons has dry ice to keep your precious food safe while you play in the sun. Summer Song/Goody Wagons dry ice is available at $10 for a 10 pound brick. Don't risk losing the contents of your home freezer or refrigerator when a power outage occurs. Dry ice will keep your contents safe.